Allow a customer to rent a product(s) and then either return it, or buy out

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Say, I want to let my customer to either pay a small fee and rent a product for X days, or buy it out after 1 or X days.

Think of a book, for instance. A customer would pay, say, $10 and get a book right now. And I'd also hold on the info of his credit card.

Then, after 5 days, if a book isn't returned by mail, I'd charge a customer the full price for a book, and, optionally, return the initial $10 of the fees.

Or, if a book is returned, I wouldn't charge him the full price, but the $10 wouldn't be refunded either.


A customer may come back in less then 5 days and say that he wants to buy out a book; or that he doesn't want it anymore. Namely, the 5 days is the maximum amount of days during which he could decide.

During checkout a customer should be charged only $10. The full price should be charged automatically, or semi-automatically, after 5 days.


How would I do it?

Is there API of Shopify for that? I'd use it, I'm a developer.

Or an application?