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Allow customer to select multiple shipping methods per order

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Hi All,

We have some products that can be Shipped (Shippable) and some that can only be Collection (Non-shippable). As it stands, If someone adds a Shippable item and a non-Shippable item to their cart then the only delivery option presented is the one that both products have in common. i.e. Collection. 

However, we would like the customer to be able to pick different shipping methods per cart item. So, for example, they are able to arrange a delivery for the Shippable item and a collection for the non-Shippable item. Other ecommerce sites achieve this by grouping products by shipping methods during checkout rather than only presenting shared shipping methods for all products.

I assume this isn't possible as this is a limitation of Shopify because there seems to be a 1-to-1 relationship between Order and Delivery Choice, and I want there to be a 1-to-1 between Order Item and Delivery Choice. But thought it worth asking anyway. 


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