Allow customers to create moodboards from our products for their projects and put into itemised list

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We are looking for an app that allows us to create something like pictured below. Where customers can setup a project and then they can make selections from our products and add to that project. They can then click on one of their various projects and have a look at a list overall of what they have selected.


List of their projects

Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 4.56.42 pm.png


Itemised list of selected products

Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 3.49.06 pm copy.jpg

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I am looking for the same. Let’s stay in touch. All of the mood board apps I am finding are for the store Admins to make the mooboard. Right now I am using wishlist app, which allows me or the client to make a wish list, but they can’t add to a wish list I create for them. It’s also not a great format visually.

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Anyone find an app like this? 

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Hi, we're building something exactly like this. Get a custom moodboard/lookbook creator for your shoppers, using your library of products, that links directly to checkout.


We started in the remodel space, helping designers and homeowners visualize product combinations, and are now working in fashion, beauty, and other categories too. 


Shoot me a note at david [at] heybeam [dotcom] and I can show you how it would work for your store.