Amazon FBA with Bytestand - Fullfill product packages (1, 2, 4 units) of the same SKU

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Looking for a solution to our challenge.


We are running a one product store. We are using Bytestand for FBA. 


Our product is sold in 1, 2 and 4 units (packs). Our issue is with SKU in Amazon. It looks like we have to create one SKU for each variations. Is there an alternative?



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Hi there!

This is Cara with the ByteStand app and I just wanted to update this thread. The Bytestand app now has a new feature that can help you sell your 1 SKU with different quantities, without creating different SKUs. 


Just use our 'Virtual Bundle' feature when can help you map your 1 Amazon SKU to many Shopify SKUs. 

Here is a video that explains more:

And here is a screenshot as a visual! 


I hope this helps! 


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