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Amazon integration plus by common services

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Hi All,

I am really struggling with this app, while the support has been great, I cannot figure out the following. I am trying to export products from my shopify store to my amazon store. It shows that the products export fine and are active but when I go to my seller central account, the products do not show up under my inventory, they are not suppressed either. What am I missing? I have been on the support from common services, but nothing is helping. Anyone using the app encounter any of these issues? 

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Shopify Partner
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I don't have experience with this app (while we are developing a similar application). But from our amazon experience, it could be a bit tricky with exporting products. And even from the response, you get a "success", it may possible that this is not actually true and due to some required approved items is not correctly exported to amazon.

Amazon working as a catalog-based system. So all products are available here and multiple sellers could sell the same product. 

Because of this here a two possible cases working with any amazon integration

1. Connecting your product to the existing amazon listing. Here you need to have EAN/UPC + unique SKU. The only problem here could be selling a restricted brand or selling in the restricted category where you need to have approved. From our experience here amazon give a quite clear picture of what is wrong during submitting the product. 


2. When your product is not yet existing on amazon and you need to provide a batch of data to amazon to activate it. Providing all necessary data could be a bit complicated, and amazon could complain about missed data. 

If this is your case, I could suggest you "export" this product directly from the Amazon marketplace. Open Seller Central, then navigate to menu "Catalog>Add Product>I'm adding a product not sold on Amazon"

Then select a category and all data required to export this product. Enter "SKU" as you have it on your Shopify store and finish listing creation. 

If there is an error with your account that blocks creation, it should be possible to see it and resolve it. Then you can connect this amazon listing to your Shopify product as "case 1" described above.

Hope this information will help you.


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Hi Alex, 

Thank you, I think its probably #1 as you suggested, I do have an exemption from Amazon for GTIN and it seems like an image issue as well. I also installed Codisto, and for some reason their application works, I did have some issues importing variants but we figured it was a caching issue/main image issue with amazon, which we were abled to fix. However, their tool for some reason is able to export my products from shopify into amazon seller central with out issues and it can find matching products easily and its really fast. Its also a lot more user friendly for someone who is new to amazon and shopify like me. 

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I've tried this app for around 5 weeks and just deleted it as it was causing so many problems for us! How are you finding Codisco?

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I love codisto, within a few hours I had all my products on amazon. Their support is really great as well.