"kit" of multiple sku - NOT bundle

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I want to make yarnkits - where you can choose size, and different yarn qualities.



1. Choose Size

2. (dropdown) Choose Color of a certain wool type (no. 1) - here the type should be linked together with a product in the shopify catalogue. 

--> From the chosen size, the qty of type no 1 is set.

3. (dropdown) Choose color of a certain wool type (No. 2) - another product from the catalogue.

--> From the chosen size, the qty is set.


The price should then be:

Price = (qty*Type 1 + qty*type 2)*0.85 


I want the stock to be updated, so the products needs to be linked together. 


Like these webshops: 





Do you know a good app for this?


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@klfoged , to get such type of functionality you have to add variants for your products and add the price related to that variant based on its combination.