An app to add a small order fee?

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Does anybody know of an app (or if possible to implement without an app) that allows to implement a small order surcharge?


For example, if the shopping cart value is under $20, we would like to charge a fee. Is there a way to do that? Or even better, is it possible to just increase the handling price and include the added fee to the shipping?



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Hi @ShelHealth, I think Upcharge can satisfy your needs.


The application lets you add conditions for the additional fee to show up and apply to products. Yes, it can also let you add a customs fee (gift wrap, insurance, etc.) to the shopping cart of customers.


Try it out to see if it can solve your problems. Good luck!

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Upcharge is a bit silly, $120/year when you can pay someone $55 to create what you need and own it forever. Just my .02