An App to show sales to a third party?

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My site acts as a storefront for multiple groups and third-parties. Is there an App that would allow me to share products sales for only their product? Right now I am just separating everything myself but that's time-consuming and the third-parties just have to trust me for the numbers sold. It would be great if there was an app that would allow them to see the sales on the backend but not for every other product and not allow them to change anything.

Does this exist?

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Hi @OliveAndYork ,


Although Shopify allows you add staff account to your Shopify stores, the least permission you have to give these accounts is a "Edit" permission, i.e. they can change your setting.

One of the possible methods is to synchronize your data to an external database so that third parties can view the data from database instead of Shopify.

How often and how many efforts do you need to perform the job?

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Hi @OliveAndYork 

You can try a tool called Acho. It's like a cloud database that can connect to Shopify.

Also, you can use it to separate data and share it with other people.  Then, set their permissions as view only (that is, they can view data but cannot change anything).