An application to Improvise the Speed of my website

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Currently, my website loads really slow ( I Was looking for an application or a set of applications that could improvise my website speed?

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I'm not sure if using an app is a good idea to improve load speed. It'd be better if you can have a technical guy to check your page and manually do the task.

Basically, improving load speed will involve:


Use proper image size for each device:

  • Check the container size 

  • Use img srcset instead of src, one for retina and one for non-retina screen

Remove unused CSS and unused JS in the theme's asset folder

Remove unused apps

Optimize, Minify code:

  • Minify HTML code by adding this code into theme.liquid file

  • Concat, minify all CSS files and load them inline inside <head> tag

  • Concat, minify JS files and load them at the bottom of the page (before </body> tag)

  • Add font-display: Swap into all external fonts

=> TL,DR: I suggest you have a technical guy to do it manually, you can either follow the above steps, or read this article about how to optimize your page speed.

- Tips to optimize website loadspeed:

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Welcome to Shopify, if you are facing slow load times can be due to many factors, Apps, Images, Videos, Back links and more
you can search on Shopify Marketplace for an App, keep in mind that sometimes the App may clash with another Apps you installed. that is why we recommend having a deep look ant the theme code to look up what cause the slow load.

do not hesitate to contact us

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No, you cannot improve site speed with more apps. On the contrary, you should remove unused or repeated apps that affect the site rending. You can use google pagespeed insight to have a quick check:

I've checked several stores. Usually, it's because of blocking javascript files added by apps. 

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