Re: Any app for Customer segmentation? - GA + Klaviyo + FB + Tiktok?

Any app for Customer segmentation? - GA + Klaviyo + FB + Tiktok?

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I help Shopify stores grow their CX and drive higher acquistion. I feel sometimes I'm swamped in a sea of data and metrics and it get overwhelming. Especially when I'm trying to break down the cohorts and identify what to work on and which ones to spend marketing $ on. Any help here would be appreciated. I'm writing this after pulling a continuous 7-hour streak of breaking down data and analyzing. 

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You can consider Klaviyo app. It allows you to target customers based on any event, profile, metric, and even location or date. It uses segmentation to build important groups of customers like VIPs and engaged profiles. Here are several queries the Klaviyo app can assist with:
Personalized automation
Social advertising
Targeted campaigns
SMS notifications and more

You will learn about the most useful Shopify apps represented on the App Store here 

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Thank you for this information Stacy. It was helpful. 

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Hi @ara77,


I hope you don't mind if I offer our free app that can automatically calculate CLV for each of your customers and put them to 6 different segments based on RFM analysis.


The app is free to use and offers exciting insights into your customer base.

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Hi @ara77 


Our team just recently launched a free customer segmentation app - 8ndpoint

Besides automatically segmenting customers, we also have 2 AI models that can predict churn and retention, as well as product analysis. 


If you are interested, we would love for you to check us out! 🙂



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The app in my signature has a module, Custom Forms, that allows you to create custom registration and profile forms to collect additional information from your customers. This additional information is already saved in Shopify customer metafields, where you can use it to segment your customers (since Shopify segments admit conditions based on metafields). And it can also be pushed to Klaviyo at the same time that the forms are submitted thanks to the available integration.

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