Any app that can do inventory deduction on fulfillment?

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I have customers who do N30 or N60 for their payment and I'm looking for apps that can deduct the inventory based on fulfillment and not purchase.

The problem I'm running into is basically when I create a draft order in Shopify, in order to have inventory be deducted and fulfilled it needs to be paid by the customer first. I'm looking for a way to be able to create an order and then fulfillment comes first before payment. 

I've been looking around in the app store and the Shopify discussion forums but can't find anything that I wanted. Has anybody figured out a solution? Much appreciated. 

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Hi Eric T, do you mean to deduct the inventory for the draft order before it is paid?

If yes,  I think my app can help (Draft Order Helper:

The app allows you to deduct inventories for products used in a draft order in one click (before the order is paid) :



After installing the app, you can go to your draft order, select "More actions" > "Adjust inventory" , then deduct the inventories of the products used in the draft order, this will make the inventory count reflect the actual numbers.

The app has a free plan (5 free inventories deduction) which you can give it a try,, hope this can help you!

There's a caveat on this feature, you have to make sure there's enough inventory count after deducting the inventory using this app (eg: say the draft order place 5 quantity for an item, you need to ensure there is at least 5 quantity after deducting inventory), as Shopify will deduct the inventory again when customer finish paying for the order.

Here's the inventory flow : 

1. You use Draft Helper app to deduct inventory (eg: inventory goes from 10 to 5)
2. Customer checks out and make payment, Shopify deduct the inventory again  (inventory goes from 5 to 0)
3. Shortly after the order is paid, Draft Helper app automatically replenish the inventory deducted by Shopify to prevent double deduction. (inventory goes from 0 to 5).

You can also restore the deducted inventory for the draft order, right before sending the customer to checkout, in case you don't have enough inventory at that time.




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