Any delivery app that lets customer select date & time slot at checkout

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Hi everyone!

We're currently using a delivery app that lets our customers select the date & time they would like to receive their order (local delivery) before they proceed to checkout. We're trying to add the option of  shipping with Canada Post to locations where we don't offer local delivery, but it would be confusing to make our customers select a date & time that wouldn't apply to them.

Any good app that works similarly but at the checkout page, possibly only if local delivery/pickup is selected?


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Currently, It is not possible to modify checkout except for shopify plus, therefore I don't think such an app would exist.

However, the good news is shopify has announced that towards the end of the year it will enable new features which will allow apps to modify checkout.

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Thanks, !

So, it's seems that with shopify to have local delivery with time slots and courier services at the same time is not a good idea :-). We are thinking to open another location or another shop but this is going to complicate more the administration of the orders...

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What app are you currently using?