Any one is using AutoDS All‑In‑One Dropshipping app?

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Hello, any one is using AutoDS app? please who ever is using it can you tell me whether it is working similar to DSers or differently? 

as I'm a drop shipper who sells products to UAE & KSA customers, importing products from DSers (aliexpress) are amazing, unfortunately the delivery to UAE & KSA takes a long time. I found AutoDS app which says that we can import products from Amazon, and Amazon Delivers products to UAE customers very fast.


Can any one help me to know more about this app? is it reliable? is it working similar to DSers?


Thank you.

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No one is using it? please guys who ever is using share ur info please 

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Run dont walk away from.AutoDS. AutoDS is hard to use. And their customer service is terrible-  they barely even know anything about their own product. You MUST edit all your products inside autoDS rather than in Shopify, which is awful because the AutoDS editor is terrible, less complete than Shopify editor, doesnt allow you to properly SEO your products and takes 5x longer than editing directly in shopify. Why must you use AutoDS to edit product listings? Well, it turns out (and their own technical helpers are not even aware of this) AutoDS pushes all of the suppliers product data on to your Shopify store and overwrites all of your very carefully edited titles, product descriptions, custom images that you've spent time creating, updated sizing information that you have corrected and often your pricing. Auto DS does this every 12 hours. They call it "Syncing." There are questions all over the internet from people asking why their Shopify store data keeps getting deleted and changed and because AutoDS customer service is so bad, even they don't know why. I figured it out almost by accident. We spent weeks editing our Shopify store information for hundreds of products and thousands of variants only to have it all wiped out. For some reason it didn't erase everything for the first week or two but then it was all gone in about 48 hours. They cost us hundreds of labor hours and many thousands of dollars, not to mention weeks of lost sales. When I asked AutoDS customer service what happened they said they couldn't figure it out and they suggested that we purchase and pay for a third-party product/variant editing app that I might have better luck with rather than using their GARBAGE editor built into Autods. Can you believe that rather than trying to solve their problem in THEIR SYSTEM, they would suggest that I go out and buy more technology to make up for their terrible terrible product not working as advertised? And all while charging ridiculously high, previously undisclosed upgrade costs. (See below.) There is a special place in hell reserved for the execs at AutoDS.


Equally shady, AutoDS considers every variant of every product to be a separate product. So when you price out what you think you're going to pay every month you think it's going to be $29 or $49 and then once you add in all of your variants it ends up being $399 as it was in our case. And to make things worse when they suggest that you upgrade and you click on the button thinking that you're going to be taken to a pricing page but it just automatically upgrades you and then thanks you for the upgrade and tells you how much more you're going to be paying now. It doesn't take you to anywhere with any explanation or any pricing options or anything like that. It just upgrades you to the plan you need to be on based on how many variants you have of all your products and then tells you that you've upgraded only AFTER they've already upgraded you and hit your card. That is TERRIBLE business practice!


All these "gurus" like AC_Hampton push AutoDS because they are affiliates and get a nice chunk of change carved out of YOUR monthly payment.


We are currently trying to figure out how to migrate from AutoDS over to Dsers. We can't leave fast enough. In dsers you can have 75,000 products and variants for $49 a month. They even have a free plan. 


AliExpress OWNS Dsers, so if you sell their suppliers' goods, its probably the way to go.