Any recommendations for bulk editing services besides Vela?

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Would anyone happen to have any experience with any bulk editing services as an alternative to Vela?


Vela has been an extremely necessary and useful tool, but it isn't perfect. Unfortunely one of the co-creators of Vela, Justin, handles customer service himself, and I have never experienced such stubborness and arrogance. He is extremely rude to deal with, resorting to sarcasm, commenting that he's going to ignore me, and even typing things in all caps. Ultimately this is hugely offputting and not at all what I'd expect for a service that is currently costing me $35 per month.


If anyone has any recommendations that would be much appreciated!

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Hi @PathoStudio, I can suggest some alternatives for bulk editing services on Shopify such as 

  1. Bulk Product Editor & Scheduler by Bulk Pro: This app allows you to easily edit product details, pricing, and inventory in bulk. It also includes a scheduling feature to automate changes.

  2. Excelify: Excelify is a versatile Shopify app that enables bulk editing through CSV imports and exports. You can make changes to products, collections, customers, and other aspects of your store using Excel or Google Sheets.

  3. Bulk Product Edit & CSV Import: This app simplifies bulk editing tasks, allowing you to update product details efficiently. It includes features like search and replace, bulk discount updates, and more.

  4. EZ Exporter: EZ Exporter is a data export and editing tool for Shopify. It lets you extract data from your store, make edits in CSV format, and then re-import the data to apply changes in bulk.

  5. Bulk Image Edit & Alt Text: If you need to edit product images in bulk, this app helps you do just that. You can update image file names, alt text, and more for multiple products at once.

  6. Editify - Bulk Price Editor: Editify specializes in bulk price editing. It makes it easy to update product prices across your store based on specific rules or criteria.

Hope it helps!
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