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Anyone have experience with Route? - Shipping Insurance

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I'm looking for people that may have used Route App. I noticed that this app only has 2 reviews and they are recent but it seems like a nice solution for customers that did not receive their package. I'd be interested if anyone here has had the experience of dealing with them and if there are any positive or negative experiences before installing their app. Did your customers have an easy time dealing with them? If you don't recommend them, maybe there is another one like them that would be worth checking out? 



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Hey! I've worked with Route and so far so good. Their customer service team usually responds within 24 hours.

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Hi Kane, in my opinion, it may depend on the product you ship. What online store are you working with?

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Uncertainty about the insurance for your store is a problem we are trying to solve at Anansi ( We are building simple, flexible insurance products for e-commerce merchants, starting with Shopify. We are not selling insurance just yet, but would love to hear about your experience! If you could fill in our insurance survey that would be extremely helpful.


Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions!




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Kane - I can tell you this. I was not able to register with Route because I did not meet their policy when they reviewed my orders and volume to consider their risk. My product is a niche product that is a high ticket item. I am still searching. Have you landed on anything? I am surprised that Shopify only covers up to $100 and in some cases $200. They should at least have the option there to select it so that it connects with our individual negotiated rates and insurance at UPS/Fedex/DHL

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There is a new app, Engarde Purchase Protection. This is a similar app to route but instead of them taking the money you make from the insurance, you get to keep all the revenue and manage the insurance process yourself. You can create your own insurance policy and then charge for it in the cart. 

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Horrible company & a waste of $$.  The company I purchased from added the 'Route' charge.  Totally worthless! My order consisted of 2 items.  1st item was lost by my local PO.  2nd item is apparently still lost in transit.  I had to file a case with my local PO since Route chose to do nothing but send me an email 3 days after I notified them saying just give it 7 more days & if you have nt received your package, contact us again. Will be disputing the charge.  My recommendation is to not shop companies who chose to use 'Route' & do not download the app.