Anyone successfully migrated from ReCharge to another subscription app?

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A lot of new subscription apps don't charge per transaction. Therefore, I'd like to migrate my subscribers to one of these new apps. You need your subscription data from ReCharge to successfully migrate. However, there is no simple way to export all relevant data from ReCharge. Since it's not possible to export one custom csv-file, you'll have to export 2-3 different csv-files and then manually enter each customers data into one combined csv-file. I have 200+ subscribers so this process would take hours and leave room for errors.

Anyone successfully migrated from ReCharge? If so, how?

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Dear Robwaldo,


I trust this message finds you well. I wanted to bring to your attention the availability of alternative applications that do not impose transaction charges. One noteworthy option is the recently launched "Easy Subscription" app, accessible at This application not only refrains from charging per transaction but also offers a range of features. Notably, the monthly cost of the app is competitively low. Furthermore, they provide the flexibility of incorporating custom changes based on your specific requirements.

Should you opt not to proceed with the ReCharge app, I would like to recommend the Easy Subscription app as a viable alternative. The application is supported by a dedicated team that stands ready to assist with any inquiries or concerns you may have.

Thank you for considering this suggestion.

Daniel Stevens
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I am am also looking how to migrate from Recharge and would be interested in switching to Shopify Subscription.

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Looking for information on how to migrate from ReCharge to the new native Shopify Subscriptions app. Has anyone looked into this yet??

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This has been a mess. I have been working in circles for about a day trying to fig this out. I found that RECHARGE customers are AUTO TAGGED Active Subscriber. I created a segment & am trying to see if i can import them into subscriber app. 200-300 subscribers. I received no real help from chat when trying to format recharge into shopify sample CSV template. Also i just tried to import, just their sample doc as a test & it was rejected so I am not that confident in the process shopify has laid out.

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I migrated to Seal. They have a lot of tutorials and I emailed them with a lot of questions. It is working great after a couple hiccups. Recharges lets customer change days in any number of days, When you tranfer to another app and set the rules of make sure they match. Recharge V2 allows for export much easier. If you are already using Shopify payments.

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Hi Robwaldo,


I know that this question was asked a long time ago, but we at Seal Subscriptions have made great progress at the migration process from ReCharge to Seal Subscriptions.
In Seal Subscriptions app, you used to have to use a CSV export from Recharge to migrate your subscriptions which was a bit inconvenient. Like you mentioned, this was not ideal, so we upgraded our app, which means that now, you can simply use our migration wizard, which allows you to automatically retrieve your subscriptions from Recharge through their API.
As another community member, Ann_Hall mentioned, this makes migration extremely easy and they managed to migrate their subscriptions to our system like that.

Initially, we had this option only available to merchants who are already on Shopify Checkout (Shopify Payments). But now, we expanded this integration, which means that this automatic migration system can also be used by customers who are still using Stripe or Braintree to charge their customers in ReCharge.
And we plan to add integration with more payment providers in the future.

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