API Products excluded from Primary Market

API Products excluded from Primary Market

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We manage several Shopify sites and one of them has stopped setting the primary market by default when new products are uploaded via the REST API (2023-10 version).


Right now the work-around is to go into each product and manually select the market. USA. 


We have verified the primary market is set on the admin in Shopify. 


To my knowledge there is no way to set, or affect, the primary market when uploading items via the API?


We have verified the IP address we are uploading products from is in the USA. Further, I haver had co-workers in other states try from their computers and the same thing happens. 


All of this leads me to believe there is an issue with the actual store, behind the scenes, that I cant see. Shopify Support has been less than helpful. We have been emailing back and forth with the for weeks now. 


 I do see this post: https://community.shopify.com/c/shopify-discussions/new-items-excluded-from-primary-market/m-p/19983... where someone managed to actually get Shopify to fix the issue. However, I'm hitting a dead-end at Shopify. It's frustrating, because with the information I have, all signs point to an issue at Shopify and they are like talking to a brick wall. 


Does anyone have any suggestions or recourse I could take to get this resolved?

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