App Access Code not returning

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I'm currently working on developing a public Shopify application, and I am going through the initial stages of registering my app with my development store. 

I cannot seem to get the access code from the store when it gets installed, so I cannot make the call to get the access token using my API credentials because I don't have an access code.

When I press "test my app on a development store" then hit "install unlisted app", it goes through my redirects to install the application.  After this it returns me to my dev store admin page with an error saying:

"This app can’t load due to an issue with browser cookies. Try enabling cookies in your browser, switching to another browser, or contacting the developer to get support."

the end of the URL is reading "&oauth_error=same_site_cookies", therefore the access code is not being listed in the URL like Shopify's docs says that it should be.


I have already made sure to enable cookies and have tried multiple browsers but I keep getting the same error.  If anyone has anything that I can try to fix this problem or knows a work around please let me know in the comments below.  Thanks!



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