App approval process(Struggle is real)

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Hi everybody!


Im trying to get my App approved. And always gets rejected by blaming the lack of oAuth authetication.

But i already send i video of the oAuth autentication process. I've been trying to get this app approved for months(#nightmare).

Im trying to reach someone with technical skills with no luck.

Can someone help me?


Thanks in advance

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Hey there,

Start with the Shopify App CLI:

It provides out of the box OAuth for your app. 

I have 2 apps in the App Store and had no problem with the authentication. My submission had other problems but on OAuth 🙂 

Hope it helps

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Wow never knew Shopify CLI could create boilerplate code for apps. Pretty cool and damn good advice!

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Hi Mircea_Piturca,


The examples you send is for Ruby or Nodejs. 

My application is already finished(in C#) and im trying to release a integration with Shopify(and i've already implemented the oAuth process). I've submit the App to approval with a video showing my application doing the oAuth process. But they want to initiate the oAuth process starting from Shopify App Store(which is weird!!). Every oAuth integration i have done in my life was initiated in the client side(who is gonna consume the API). Even the documentation suggest: "If your install link doesn’t originate from the Shopify App Store, then you need to provide the shop parameter yourself or implement other handling to get the user’s shop." (

And im trying to get in touch with someone with technical skills in Shopify support without luck.

The process for getting this App proved is taking months....

I would be glad if someone could help reach a Shopify Developer 😄



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Hey Wesley,

I am really sorry and I know how painful this can be.

I do not know what the solution is in your case, the review team is really strict and for good reasons.

How does your auth flow look like? Can you share a video? 

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Did you ever get this worked out?

We are getting rejected with a c# Blazor app for the same oauth reason.  We have installed the app on many stores through a link and using the Test on development store option and it works every time.  I even noticed a new store was installed by the reviewer and that worked. 

We implemented everything in the oauth video.  We need to know how exactly reviewers install apps for this process.

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You said the following:

We have installed the app on many stores through a link

Can you expound on that some more? Were those stores production/live stores?