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I have currently a no embedded app that is under review, I had to create an app-block to follow the review compliance but I have encountered myself in a non-expected behaviour.

Since I don't have an embedded app, it means that I am not using App Bridge at all and I also have the App configuration of embedded app turned off as you can see in the following screenshot


However, when I am interacting with my app block in the customisation of my theme, there is a contextual menu for my app block with a hyperlink to something called "Manage app"

step-001 (1).png

step-002 (1).png

The problem with this hyperlink is, when you click on it, even if you don't have an embedded app, you will be redirected to an embedded version inside of the admin dashboard. The problem here is, since my app doesn't support it, I have encountered myself with the next error

step-003 (1).png

I tried to follow all the guidelines and configurations that I need to have my app-block running, I looked at the following documents:

But I couldn't find anything similar on the community forum, I would appreciate some feedback or help 🙂 

Just to clarify, the main concern/question is, how do I manipulate/remove/configure the hyperlink "Manage app".


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