App Developer asked me for access token

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I have installed app Called  AvisPlus Product Options Now he asked me for access token for extra feature. his message: Here are the steps:
Shopify admin -> AvisPlus Product Option Team -> Settings -> Inspect element/Ctrl+Shift+C/F12 -> Network -> Settings (Ctrl+R) -> And copy the access-token. Once you get here, we'd only need the access-token to activate the feature for you.


Is this safe?


Thank you!

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Sounds sketchy, I wouldn't do it. But is it the app's access token or your Shopify admin token?

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@afaqahmad1234, shopify apps get access token generated during app installation, during this process you (store owner) can see which information app is requesting and app gets token generated by shopify in this way it can access resources requested during app installation.

Access token which developer is asking is probably your admin token (because his app already has app token) admin token grants full access to your shopify store, I highly disrecomment giving this token to anyone. In app needs more access, they should request it in proper way (during app installation),

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