App developers obviously "taking" data from customers and merchants

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I just found an upsell app in the app store which I wanted to install until I saw the kind of data they wanted access to: Customer's names, emails and phone numbers. Even better: MY name, email and phone number! For an app, that should simply place a product as an upsell option into my shopping cart. Do they wanna call the customer first and send him an email to ask him, if he really wants to add the product into the shopping cart? What the...?


How is it possible that Shopify permits developers to simply ask for this kind of data, even when it's blatantly obvious that this kind of data is not necessary for the service the app provides. Especially since this is highly sensitive data.


And no, this is not the only app asking for this kind of data. Every 2nd or 3rd app would like you to grant them access to all of your customer's data. How can Shopify justify this?

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