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Hi guys! I'm trying to understand how to manage a request.

A little bit of background first. The client I'm talking with offers to companies the possibility to give to their employees meal vouchers. These vouchers were usually distributed in physical blocks of 10 each. Each voucher has a fixed value of € 5. Nowadays, they're all digital and employees use them to pay for example for groceries.

The client is asking is to develop a Shopify app that lets merchants install it freely and that gives to the end users the possibility to use these vouchers as a payment. Let's say a user has a cart of € 70,00 and wants to pay a fraction or the whole sum using vouchers.

The question is: which is the best way to build this?

An idea we had is to make an app that creates a coupon code and applies it to the checkout automatically. We first need to authenticate the end user upon the clients' API to know how many are the vouchers left.

Is it possible to do it like this? Or is there a better way?

The other idea we had is to create, in some way (don't know if it is even possible), a gift card that applies in some way to the checkout automatically.

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Your idea can work, but you must first create a proof of concept.