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App for customization (Computer)

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I am also trying to find an app able to let u be on a page.
From the Page you can select all Component Parts.
The " parts"  are products already found in webshop.
Are there any App's that contain this method?

In Summary,

App that let's u choose products for every ProductType within 1 Page. 
Showing (optional) Pictures, Product Name and Price in a (Optional) List or Chart.


PC Builder

CPU: Choose a Option (ProductType: Processor) (ProductTag: Intel, AMD)
GPU: Choose a Option (ProductType: Graphics Card) (ProductTag: Gen 4, Gen 5)

MotherBoard: Choose a Option (ProductType: MB) (ProductTag: [Same TAG as Option CPU])    {Example: CPU = Tag LGA 1151, MotherBoard = Tag LGA 1151


So to sum it up it should be able to function together, or otherwise give the option to remove certain/all Tags when a Option on a certain Choice has been made.

Please let me know if there is anything relateble to this?
Otherwise anyone know a Development Team That can make this happen?