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Hi all - apologies if this is the wrong place to post this but I need some help with regards to our website.


We run an online florist on Shopify and are looking for a solution to assist with our orders/available deliveries. We currently only offer delivery 2 days a week to certain post (zip) codes in and around London (UK). To do this, we use two apps...


  • Easy Shipping Restrictions - allows us to limit the postcodes that we deliver to and requires the customer to enter their postcode prior to being able to place an order
  • Order Delivery Selector - enables us to limit the days that we deliver to each week and which customers can choose from. We also have a cut-off setup (i.e. orders place before 8pm on a Wednesday will be delivered on Friday. Orders placed after that time will be delivered the following week)


We would now like to expand our service and offering by accepting and being able to deliver to different areas nationwide. However, we would like to be able to limit the areas we deliver to certain days. For example...


  • South London postcodes - Monday
  • West London postcodes - Tuesday
  • Nationwide postcodes - Wednesday


We would also still have a cutoff (e.g. order by Monday at 8pm for Nationwide delivery on Wednesday etc. Any orders placed after that time for that area would only be available for delivery the following Wednesday).


I hope that this is clear and makes sense! I would hugely appreciate anyone's input to how we can do this and whether it is possible.





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Hello, you can use Zapiet and create different locations with different rates and product availability 🙂 

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How did you go with this? We are literally trying to do the same thing in Australia. Certain postcodes for certain days. Nothing seems to fit at the moment.