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App for downloading orders on CSV with customised options

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Hi all, I'm looking for some advice/direction please.

My shopify store sells customised products, with the customisation processed through the infinite options app. Currently I'm printing the packing labels directly from shopify - this was fine initially but omits a lot of important information including the delivery service.

What I need to achieve is a invoice/packing slip, that includes all of the information relating to the order. I also need the address to be in a particular place, and it needs to have our Royal Mail business label on it as we plan to use paper with integrated labels to smooth out our packing process. We'd like to have the same order sheet for all our sales channels, shopify/ebay/etsy etc.

I've looked at several options including:

1. Have a developer code the shipping option into the shopify label, plus change the address location & add in the postage label. Good, except this doesn't deal with orders from other channels.

2. Use an app to download the orders as CSV then mail merge to our invoice. The problem here is that the customisation fields only appear for when that item/customisation is selected, so these fields vary on each download. Also, customers ordering more than one item need these to appear on one invoice as separate lines. 

Has anyone else has experience of apps/solutions to this type of query? We were really busy of Valentine's, but our invoice printing/shipping process was a mess, so I'm hoping to streamline this ASAP.

I'd appreciate any ideas anyone might have!

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I think the second option would work well as you can capture all your orders and process them into whatever format you need. We already do this for some of our clients as everyone has different needs in how their data is mapped. Not sure what you mean by mail merge as perhaps we could integrate the whole process and not have to let you even touch csv files. However, if they are needed you should be able to automate a standard format.

It would be a case of showing some examples of what you currently have and how you would like it standardised/formatted. Just send me an email to and I can discuss it with my team. We actually also have our own bundling app that reconfigures orders after they come in so that might be an option as well.



Bundleup - bundle your products and unbundle your orders.
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Hi @thatsmeallover,


We can do option #1 with our Standard App. Take a look here:

It would be a shortcut button that would generate a custom packing slip in PDF format. It’s something you can print from an order screen. You’ll work directly with me so I can guarantee your outcome.

Simply email me at or send me a private message here.


Sam - Owner @ Achieve Applabs 

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