APP for Fulfill Order from Shopify POS & Collect Signature as Collected

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Good day,

Is there an app available that can handle POS order fulfillment without requiring the user to log into the Shopify admin?

I operate a business in which customers often need to collect their items from different counters. For instance, I have three products for sale: Product A, which is on pre-order, Product B, in stock at our retail location, and Product C, a larger item available at a designated collection point.

I would like customers to use an app to confirm the collection of Product B at the first counter and provide their signature. Afterward, they should proceed to the collection point for Product C.

When they arrive at counter C and present their order number, we will determine whether Product C has been collected or not. Our team will then provide Product C, and the customer can confirm its collection via the app and provide a signature.

To clarify, the fulfillment process is applicable only to Product B and C, while Product A remains unfulfilled.

I have conducted a search through the Shopify app store, but I couldn't find a suitable solution. I would greatly appreciate it if an expert could provide some guidance. Thank you.


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