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Hey all,


I'm looking for an Shopify App to solve the problem below. 


We want to get more insight in the gross margings of inividual products in our store. To give an example;

Product Price incl. tax: $100 

Tax: 20%

Product Price excl. tax: $83,33

Cost per Item excl. tax: $25 

Shipping cost excl. tax: $10 


Gross margin = $48,30 equals 193% margin. 


We want to get an overview of all productmargins and be able to change the product price to get a good margin percentage on our products and orders. 


Do you guys know any apps that can give this insight to us and make quick changes to pricing and cost per item? 


Thanks in advance! 



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Hi @Rangershooter 


Please help me understand this a bit more...


Question 1:

So how does "Product Price excl. tax" become "$83,33" when the tax is 20%. Shouldn't it be $80?

It makes it 16.67% tax... am I missing something?


Question 2:

When it comes to Shipping rates and even government taxes, they will vary per order, in the case of international orders, the shipping rates would change and even the taxes would change based on the country.


So it won't be possible to generalize a standard rate for a product. However, it can be done on the orders. Or are you thinking in other terms?




Please clarify - so I can recommend better.



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Hi there,


A bit of a delay - but better later than never:)


My name is Nati, I'm from the team at . Using our platform you'll be able to get granular-level insights into profit margins per product and order. If you wish to see how different expenses impact your profit, you're welcome to check out this profit simulator we've just launched: