App for Giveaway Contest powered by a points system via store sales

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Before I start I want you to know I'm not I'm not looking for a "Customer Loyalty" or "Bundle" app

So I came across these 2 pages:

They are offering a car as a giveaway prize for winning their points contest. The way you earn points is by shopping on their site; Where each $5 dollars spent equals 2 points. Pretty neat.

They're using Shopify to run their site, but I can't seem to find an app to replicate this offer. Can anyone steer me in the right direction to accomplish this same offer/function on Shopify?


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Asking the silly question first - why does this need to be an app?

Could you not just look at the top customer spending in the period? Top spender == winner. Unless you're running a comp all the time an app may be way more than what you need.

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You can display contest details and goal amount eligibility to be part of the contest using our app.

Please check it out.

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