App for Hide COD on particular prepaid Products

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I am searching apps to hide COD for some products which are prepaid Orders. Could anyone suggest to me which app I should use?



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Hi @Jyoti_Bangar 

Unfortunately it's not possible so you will not find any app that can do this. Payment methods on Shopify are global and you can't hide or show a payment option based on any type of condition unless you are on the Shopify Plus plan.

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Install Releasit Cash On Delivery for free here:
Add a fee to Cash on Delivery and limit COD based on any condition (order total, location, products, collections, etc.)

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This is now possible. 


For hiding the Cash On Delivery (COD) option for products that are intended for prepaid orders only, the KlinKode PayRules app is a great solution. It allows you to specify conditions under which certain payment methods, like COD, are hidden. This can be configured based on products in the cart.


You can find the app here:


And for guidance on how to set it up, you might find this tutorial helpful:


- Control payment methods visibility at checkout by KlinKode PayRules app.
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