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I'm looking for a workaround because Shopify doesn't allow photos on custom items in orders created in back office. I need to be able to create draft orders with photos on custom items for repair tickets in a jewelry store. We can't add a new product for each repair as this would just clutter the inventory. We process 250-400 of these requests a month and the only sensible way I can see to manage this is with custom items with photos. Another possible solution is to utilize a 3rd party app where I can add a custom photo to the invoice directly. Any solutions or possible workarounds?

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Hi @ediver7 ,

I have a plausible workaround for this, I have just tested and managed to get the image to show on the packing slips , and also the "Print Order" (the Shopify native one) on the order page.

Disclaimer: I am the developer of the Draft Order Helper app ( , which the following step will utilize a feature from this app.

Before adding the image to the custom line item, you can upload the image into your Store > Files , and copy the link to the image.




Then you can install my app (Draft Order Helper), then go to your draft order, then click "More Actions" > "Edit line item properties"



Then click "Edit Properties" for the custom product, and paste the copied image link into the value, and use "image_url" for the name :





Click "Apply changes" :



Now you should see the custom image on the draft order!




When a customer checkout the draft order, they can click on the "image_url" link to view the image (unfortunately the image will not show directly, customer have to click the link)




After that, you can customize the Packing slip template code (I can help you with this after you have installed my app), to include the code to show the image_url value as image.





And the packing slip will looks like this (with the custom image!) :files8.png


You can also customize the draft order invoice template code :




And then in the invoice email, customer can see the custom product image! 

Hope this helps!


Axel Kee

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