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I'm hoping to find an app that can help me personalize gift bundles after purchase and update inventory accordingly. Is there one out there? 

For example, right now I have a product "personalized gift sets" that I then send out a google form to ask questions, and manually adjust inventory when I fulfill it. The target audience is people that don't know what to select, so I don't want pre-packaged bundles because the idea is we're personally helping select for that person. I can't seem to find anything that would work to after purchase adjust the fulfillment to keep track of everything though, is there something out there that exists? Bonus points if it would allow me to generate a packing list or gift receipt afterward!

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@TheCuddlyOwl wrote:

I then send out a google form to ask questions, and manually adjust inventory when I fulfill it.

Unless there's realtime communication involved this is something you really should be doing as part of the product>cart>checkout process itself 


Barring that you need an automation app like usemechanic operating on the information in the google forms to the backend fulfillment, and or also generating the forms.

Airtable can make forms and the airpower app would also be another route.

Low code services like zapier may also be able to facilitate consuming the google forms then doing actions in shopify.

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It's a personal shopping type of offering, so I'm not looking to automate the inventory selection at selection/cart/check-out process, though I would love to incorporate the questions there but I haven't found anything that allows me to incorporate the questions there, and then after checkout is complete and personal shopping is complete (which takes time and does often involve follow-up communication) to input the items associated with that particular order. 

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Hi @TheCuddlyOwl

Bundle Kit will allow you to create a gift bundle without flagging it as a 'savings' bundle (although there is an option to override the sale price if you so choose).

Bundle Kit tracks the inventory levels of the bundle (i.e. gift item) and the individual bundled items (i.e. 2 soaps and a bath salt) as they are sold in real-time to prevent overselling.

Additionally, Bundle Kit sets the bundle price automatically based on the prices of the underlying bundled items (with option to override the sale price for discounting purposes).

You can try the app for free at:

Hope this helps!


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hey @TheCuddlyOwl 

Just wanted to put an idea out as I think it relates..

Instead of manually assigning items post purchase or syncing items to preset bundles, what if there was an App that let you list different meta "products" - perhaps with each representing a different personal profile - and each with unlimited inventory.  Then, once the "product" is purchased, a post-purchase page appears prompting to select x of y [only] available items that relate.  That way, you never have to "sync" inventory, and your resulting order would automatically replace the meta product with the customers selected items post purchase?


Anyway, would that be of any interest to anyone!?




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