App for Photo Submission Customers can Upload to on a Page in Online Store

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I have been looking for a Shopify App that would allow me to create a page in our online store where people/customers can upload image files for a photo contest.


All I am finding in searches or the help centre are apps that allow customers to upload images for reviews on individual product pages - this is NOT what I'm trying to accomplish. I want to create a gallery (if possible) or just an "upload submissions" button to direct people to for a best photo contest. I haven't gotten to how polling/voting for a winner will work, but it might just be a google form or a poll on social media.


Does anyone know of an app or a way to add a page like this to an online store?

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Hey there,

This can be done with a custom app. 

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You could create a new page with a "button" that links to a google form for the image submission then just manually upload the photos to a "photo gallery" app. 

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