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Hello Dear Community,

i desparetely have been looking for an app which enables the customers to create a bundle with one product from each collection.

In my shop I sell clothes and I want to have a bundle with T-Shirts + Hoodie, so when the customers buys a shirt and a hoodie he will get a special deal.

The way i imagine it is to have a box on the landing page which shows the offer and lets the customer chose each article from each collection via tear down menu.

Is there an app for that?

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App Selly can help you to create bundle based on collections:

The bundle widget is displayed on product pages.

You can also create a collection which contains both Hoodies and T-Shirts, then customers can add 2 items on the collection page to get such automatic bundle discount.

Optionally, you can use up-sell feature to suggest Hoodie when customers add T-Shirts and vice versa.

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