App for stock number updates by delivery date

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Hi all,

We run a small bakery delivery service and we're looking for an app that will update stock numbers we have available by delivery date, but we can't seem to find anything.

For example, we make 5 sourdough loaves each day so on any given day, there are 5 loaves available for delivery. On Monday, 5 people order sourdough loaves but they want them delivered on different days - 1 on Tuesday, 2 on Wednesday, 1 on Thursday and 1 on Saturday. At the moment, any stock management system we can find limits the number of stock available on the day they're ordered (so Monday would show as having 0 stock and the product would appear as being sold out, even though we didn't receive any orders for that product for delivery on that day). We want the stock levels on the day of delivery to change though - so 1 order for delivery Tuesday would bring the stock available for Tuesday delivery down to 4, 2 orders for Wednesday deliver would bring the stock available for Wednesday delivery down to 3, 4 on thursday, 5 on Friday because we don't have any orders for delivery on that day yet, and 4 on Saturday.

Is there an app that does this?

Other functionality we currently have on the site includes a post/zip code checker for delivery (we deliver to a small area) and a delivery date selection tool. If we could find something that does all of these things in one, that would be great. 

Thank you!

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