App for uploading graphic files for personalization or choose predefinded graphic template

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We are looking for an app with which customers can upload their own graphic files to personalize the products or select a predefined graphic template?


Thanks for any advice!

Best regards, Petra

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Hello @Otlas 
I have some suggestions here that you can consider about it:
- "Product Customizer" app by Product Customizer or Infinite Options by ShopPad allow you to add custom input fields to your product pages. You can use these fields to collect information from customers, including graphic uploads.
- Zakeke Product Customizer: Zakeke provides a powerful product customization platform that allows customers to personalize products with text, images, and cliparts. It supports 3D previews and offers various design options.
- Customify - Product Customizer: Customify is another robust product customization app that enables customers to personalize products by adding text, images, and more. It offers real-time previews and a user-friendly interface.

Hope it helps,

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Hi @Otlas,

If you're looking to streamline the process of allowing customers to either upload their own graphic files or choose from your predefined templates, consider utilizing a product options app like Easify Product Options. This approach simplifies the selection process without the need for complex Product Personalizer apps 🙌.




Here's a concise guide for setting it up 😊:

  • Install the app and create a new option set.
  • Add an option that allows customers to choose between your predefined graphic templates or upload their own file, utilizing the Image Swatches option type.



  • Add a File upload field for customers selecting "Upload your graphic" in the previous option (using the File Upload option type and Conditional Logic feature).




  • Assign the option set to the relevant product(s):



Beyond the mentioned option type, the Easify Product Options app provides a total of 26 option types. These range from text fields and checkboxes to color swatches and font pickers, offering a plethora of customization possibilities for your products 👍.

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Here's the app for you: Kickflip!

Kickflip offers a feature-rich environment for customizing products, allowing customers to select colors, add custom text, choose fonts, and much more! This user-friendly platform empowers you to effortlessly provide simple personalizations or delve into more complex customization scenarios in no time.





If you'd like to dive deeper into how Kickflip can be integrated with your store and the specific features it offers, we can book a call with our sales team or book a free webinar.

You can also create a free account here to get started and familiarize yourself.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions or requirements.

Happy customizing!

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Hello @Otlas 
Try Inkybay - product personalizer app. It allows customers to upload their graphics or choose from pre-designed templates, enhancing the customization experience Click here. Their design lab is also customizable so that you can match the features with your store theme. Please give it a go for seamless graphic personalization on your products!

Additionally, I can give you a demo product so that you can check.

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