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App for warehouse management

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I am searching for an app that can assist with my warehouse operations. Presently, my employees face difficulty while packing orders as they sometimes misread the packing slip and put a wrong item in the package. I am wondering if there is an app available that can generate a barcode on the packing slip paper, and the employee can scan it to verify the clothing item's UPC code. The app should then display on the screen whether the scanned item matches the one mentioned on the packing slip or not. Is there any such app or solution that can address my problem? Thank you for your assistance.

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Hi @ShehabG,


You can try the app called "ShipStation," which offers a barcode scanning feature that can help ensure accurate order fulfillment.

With ShipStation, you can create packing slips that include barcodes for each item in the order. When your employees are packing the order, they can use a barcode scanner to scan the barcode on the packing slip and then scan the barcode on the item to verify that it is the correct item. The app will then display whether the scanned item matches the one mentioned on the packing slip or not.

ShipStation also integrates with many e-commerce platforms and shipping carriers, so you can manage all of your orders and shipments from one place. Additionally, the app offers features like automated order importing, order tagging, and shipping rate comparison, which can save your employees time and streamline your warehouse operations.

Other similar warehouse management apps with barcode scanning capabilities include Fishbowl Inventory, DEAR Inventory, and SkuVault. It's worth researching and comparing different options to find the one that best fits your business's needs and budget.



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Hey, so I've been checking this out, and I'm actually using ShipStation for shipping stuff already. The thing is, I've run into a bit of a snag because my product SKUs are the same for all the different sizes and colors. So, if I really want to take advantage of their scanning features, I'd have to come up with new SKUs for like over 4,000

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@ShehabG you can utilize Shopify to fulfill the orders and on the mobile app there is a way to scan to confirm an item, though this does not show on the packing slip currently. 


One such app you can try which does what you are looking for with scan options on the bin and product during picking then again on the pack scan is SKUSavvy. This is a full WMS so you would also be managing your inventory, purchases, and fulfillment within the platform. 




If you want check out the docs and guides as well as YouTube tutorials to get a sense for the platform and determine if its a good fit. 

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