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App for Wholesale-only Pricing?

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Hey everyone,

Looking to get some recommendations here. 

We need an app to do the following:

Hide products we'll designate/tag as wholesale-only until a trade account customer logs into the store (so show retail products only unless someone logs in). Then they can see everything. 

Allow these trade products to have different levels of discount applied. i.e. different customers qualify for a different level of discount. 


I've looked at a few, but couldn't see any way to hide trade-only products from retail customers? 


Many thanks in advance!!


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Hi @elitebridge,

Look like B2B Login to Access app is what you need for a wholesale lock.

For discount, I suggest combining other discount apps such as Bulk Discount

Hope you find this helpful.

Cheers from PageFly.

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Hi there,

that's possible with Wholesale Bear.


Follow these steps:

(1) Head over to your products catalog in the Shopify backend

(2) Create / edit the trade only products and make them hidden from any channel, like so:

SALES CHANNELS AND APPS > manage > uncheck all channels > click Done and Save.


Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 15.11.43.png

(3) Then, install Wholesale Bear.

(4) Create an wholesale pricing offer based on any custom tag:


Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 15.13.53.png

You can set a specific discount for any hidden product (or collection):


Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 15.14.03.png


That's it.


Wholesale Bear includes the following features:

  • Wholesale pricing based on customers tags
  • Net terms orders
  • Custom shipping rates
  • Discount rounding
  • Target specific countries
  • Pricing time limits
  • Tax exempt
  • Analytics
  • Themes 2.0 compatible!


In addition, we're giving away 1000 free for life licenses during our launch month.



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I have been looking for the same thing and I have tried the Wholesale Bear app. Problem is you can't add different prices or discounts on the variants of each product which makes the app useless for me. I don't want to set a standard percentage discount on all my producs, but a set price on each variant to my wholesale customers.

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Hi there,

Wholesale Bear supports a different discount rate per variant.

Here's how:


Screen Shot 2022-01-28 at 8.03.23.png


Select apply discount on > specific products > Target specific variants.

Add your discount rate - which can be either % OR $ off and save.

Once you use the $ off, you'll be able to well define the variant price.


Warm regards,


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How do I target specific variants?
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Please refer to the screenshot I shared above.

Or, watch this video:

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If we offer wholesale price to the same set of retail products, do we need to duplicate the skus?

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No, that won't be necessary.

The app applies your wholesale pricing on existing products.