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I am trying to make live preview of nursery name signs that the customer can customize and preview before buying.
I need to be able to have options for fonts, color swatches and an offset of the text that I can change to different color swatches (Stains). Is there an app I can download that will give me these options. I have downloaded a few apps but I can't seem to get an offset behind the letters. is there an app i can download that has these options? 


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Hi @rusticbrandi,


This is Ellie from Free gift. Here are my recommendation on product variants/options app that could help with your request:


1/ AvisPlus Product Options Variant Option



2/ Globo Product Options, Variant



3/ Tepo ‑ Custom Product Options



The apps I mentioned are all Built For Shopify and provide free plans for merchants. Please also contact the customer support team, they will help you visualize the request and help you customize your variants in the best way.


I hope it helps! 😄💜





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I tried those solutions but they don't have the options of putting like a shadow (ooffset)  behind the text. Also, I would need to be able to change it to a different color as well. I appreciate your help though