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We are in need of functionality that will allow our wholesale customers, who get special pricing on our website, to attach a UPS label at some point during the checkout process, either in the cart, or in actual checkout. 


We need this file upload ability to only show to our wholesale customers, so that is customers who have a particular "tag" and are signed in.


We also would love to also have the ability to have orders that are made by our wholesale customers to be emailed, with the attachment to multiple email addresses. But that would be a bonus.


Anyone have any suggestions on an app that can accomplish our file attachment need?

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Hello @stevrons2 


There is a app name upload-lift that can be used for this but I'm not sure if it has the functionality to show it only for wholesale customers you can give it a try.


Thank you

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Hello @stevrons2,


Shopify is very limited in extending the Checkout step as well as the cart sidebar. When the cart page could be bypassed by many customers. Could you consider the option to place an uploading form on the "order success" page? This can be done with a small custom app similar to how feedback-collecting apps do it.

Emailing part could also be done in the app, but it's another part.

If you need any assistance, please, let me know.


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