App or Other Means to Display Loyalty Price (1 Tier Only) Next to Normal Price Per Product?

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I've been looking through the various tiered pricing apps. None seem to offer what I'm after, which is to show a membership/loyalty price next to the normal/retail price per product. Akin to how sale pricing displays in our current Shopify store,, during sales (sale currently active but may have concluded by the time you read this).

That is, per product…
• show retail price
• show membership/loyalty price, including some way for me to stylize such (I can code this much so long as the DIV has a unique id or class, or if I have access to the app's liquid file)
• apply the correct price at checkout based upon if the customer is part of the membership/loyalty customer group (has "loyalty" as a customer tag; see next)

• Needs to function in coordination with an auto-renew membership/loyalty app (app needs to add/delete the customer tag based on membership status). Any to recommend?
• We strongly prefer to set loyalty pricing per product. That is, we're not looking to offer an if X then Y, nor a percentage discount (those I know how to do).
• Ideally, needs to function whether or not we are running a sale. That is, there might be times where we want to show normal retail price + sale price + loyalty price. I can likely resolve layout issues but need each field left intact to be shown/hidden as needed.

Preference is for a single app that can control both the price display and the membership signup then annual auto renewal — pretty sure non exists, but preference is for such 🙂

So far I've not found a single app that can do the price portion: They all ONLY show either the retail price OR the loyalty price (and rely on login to view the latter). To incentivize, we want the loyalty pricing always visible.

In case relevant, our theme is Shella by MPI Themes; bit behind on updates and currently running v4.6. I heavily stylized and to a fair degree customized the theme, however I always try NOT to touch JS and similar functionality.

App or other route suggestions much appreciated.

Thanks for reading!



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UPDATE: We only want to show the member price to logged in customers who are members, however we prefer the price to show within our original site. That is, we prefer not to have the person pushed to a separate "wholesale" site.