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Hello dear shopify community!


I am searching for an Shopify Addon which recommend an specific other product as an addon for a product which was put into the shopping cart.


An example:


I put a mobile phone into the shopping cart and the shop instantly shows (in a popup maybe), to protect your phone you can buy this case with it.


How is this method called? Upselling? I have no clue for what to search actually..


Thanks and kind regards,


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Hello @ToPre,


You can try In Cart Upsell app. With its help, you can offer the most relevant products in the cart. AI-powered autosuggest built in the system can automatically recommend the exact product a shopper is most likely going to buy next. 


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Hi @ToPre😁


This is Ellie from Free gifts.


The keywords below may be the ones you need to search on Shopify app store.

“Frequently bought together” 

“Upselling and Cross-selling” 

“Product recommendations


Here are some apps that you could try to achieve what you want.

1. Frequently Bought Together:

On your customers’ product page, a recommendation will pop up to suggest a captivating bought together bundle.

You can also create bundle discounts, and monitor your sales by using the “Statistics” feature.

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2. Upsell & Cross Sell - Selleasy:

Beside “Frequently bought together”, this app also shows product add-ons next to the main item with easy to opt-in check boxes. 

Hi ToPre screenshot.png


If you want cart add-ons that pop up before checking out, this app does have this feature and many more types of add-ons.

Hi ToPre screenshot (1).png Free Gift Buy X get Y

If you want something more than a product recommendation to boost your convention rates, you could create gift offers to make your products a tempting bargain to hunt.

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For example, buy a mobile phone to get a free phone case, get a phone case with 20% off, and many more offers.

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These are my recommendations. I hope it helps!


Wish you all the best with the business 💖

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Hello @ToPre 


What you're describing is a form of upselling, specifically referred to as "product upselling" or "product recommendation." It's a strategy used to encourage customers to add more items to their cart before checking out. 


In your case, suggesting a phone case when a mobile phone is added to the cart is a classic example.


This app, iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell, offers all these features and a 14-day free trial. 

iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell App

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