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App recommendation for specific discount

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I am looking for an app that can do the following...

On the product page of COLLECTION A display recommended items from COLLECTION B and if bought together save X%.

Is there any app that can make this possible? 

Thanks 🙂

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Hi @david891,

This can be done by Product Bundles app, you can set up a specific products bundle discount (in percent or fixed amount) or bundles from each collection.

Check out these apps:

- Product Bundles by Bold

- Vitals 40+ apps with Product Bundle feature

- Product bundles by Picky Story

I recommend checking out this review the best Upsell, cross-sell app guide as well, there would be more apps with more features, it helps you to understand how they work, and to choose the right plug-in to your business scale.

I hope you find this helpful.

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