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App recommendation needed - made to order items

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Hey everyone,

My problem is that I sell a lot of different designs each of them having multiple variations. I want badges to display when items hit 0 or below as "Made to order 3 to 4 weeks" which currently works on my website with the prime badges app. The issue however is that if you go to an item that has some variant in stock but some variant out of stock, it displays the total number at the top which is confusing my customers. For instance, if you go to you will see there is 1 silver available. When I go to 14k gold, the total variant quantity "1" is still being displayed despite the variant "gold" not being in stock. I have contacted the developer but they have yet to come up with a fix. 

I am looking for a recommendation for an app that can solve my issue without costing a ton. 

I need to be able to display that the 14k gold is not in stock and that the "1" does not pertain to the variant gold but instead silver. 

Thanks for all of your help!

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Hi @sea-shur-jewelr 

This can be done on code level instead of an app this is called variants stock updates.

Let me know if you want to complete the task 

Thank you.



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