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I am developing a public app with usage-based billing.

In order to let my customers (the merchants) know that they are approaching the capped amount limit, I wanted to use the app_subscriptions/approaching_capped_amount webhook (the enum key is APP_SUBSCRIPTIONS_APPROACHING_CAPPED_AMOUNT). I found it in the graphql docs, but not in the rest docs (both point to API version 2023-10).

Shopify's CLI for apps offers a mock webhook trigger and it supports this type of webhook, but registering it with the node app template (provided by Shopify's CLI) doesn't work.

Using Postman, I tried registering it, but got the following error: "Could not find the webhook topic app_subscriptions/approaching_capped_amount" and I couldn't find it in the Shopify admin settings->notifications.


Is this webhook available? Is there something I did wrong?

Should it be added to the rest docs or removed from the graphql docs (and the CLI)?


Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


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