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App suggestion for sending gift for the first xx orders placed on new product

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Hello there,

I want to have a gift feature on my store, which does something like this:

- I have newly listed product and I want to gift for the first 50 people who confirmed their orders contain that product. 

I tried to search in Shopify's apps store but seeing no app fit my requirement.

So if anyone know a solution/workaround for it, please let me know.

Thank you so much.


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This app worked for one of our client:

They had a similar requirement to yours. But we did some customizations to make the checkout flow more conversion-optimized. 

Ravi Thakor
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Make a free addon product with X quantity, that will limit your promotion.  Push the product or use an auto-add plugin.

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Thank you Ravi.

Let me check that app