App Suggestions - Free Shipping Bar With Specific Canadian Province/US State Audience Targeting

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Hey everyone,


I was wondering if anyone could suggest an app (if there even is one) for a Free Shipping Bar (you know, the bar at the top of some websites that lets you know once you've reached a free shipping threshold) that allows for specific audience targeting depending on where a user is located within Canada or the US. I run a store with several free shipping tiers. For example:


Customers in Ontario - Free Shipping over $109

Customers in Quebec - Free Shipping over $119

Rest of Canada - Free Shipping over $149

USA - Free Shipping over $109


I know there are apps that can do this based on the country the visitor is in, but I was wondering if there's one out there that can do this by specific locations within Canada and the US.



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Hi @Jov_416,

You can try this Smart Bar app.  You can create Promotion banner and bar, target specific displays based on device, source, country, page, and time. 

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Thank you for the suggestion, but I need to target down further than just country of origin. I need to target specific provinces within Canada.

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We're also in the market for an app that can geotarget provinces.