App that allows customers to pick from a list of available products for a bundle

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Hi All, I am looking for something very specific. For Black Friday we want to offer a promotion where a customer can choose 3 pins for $25. This would be setup as a SKU; we would then like the customer to be able to chose which three pins they would like from a list of 10.

So, to clarify: Customer comes to sight, sees product "3 for $25 pins" - adds that to cart and is allowed to select a total of three pins from a list of 10 pins.

I'm not sure what to app to use; we didn't want to offer it as a discount because we want to offer a free shipping discount, and you can't have two discounts on the same transaction.

Sorry if this is confusing!


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Hi @scoresfilm 

You can try my app, BYOB - Build Your Own Bundle. It allows merchants to offer buying any n products in a collection, pay a discounted price. 

Our app adjusts the price with variants so you can stack a discount in addition to the bundle discount. 

Feel free to take a look at our sample bundle here!


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Hey @scoresfilm,


For this, I highly recommend checking out PickyStory's bundle builder deal.


With Bundle builders, customers can create their own bundle by letting them choose their desired products from a selection of products (curated by you).




You can also test it out in our live demo store:


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions 🙂

Paulo M. | PickyStory

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Hey @scoresfilm !

This sounds like something Bundle Builder could help with! 

Bundle Builder will allow you to set up a custom bundle page which you can add a selection of your products to and will then allow you to create a rule to limit the amount products a customer can purchase within the bundle. The single SKU bundle type will also allow you to have a unique SKU for the bundle as a whole. 

If you are interested in learning more you can download the app via the below link and request a free onboarding call, where you will learn all the in's and out's of how to create a bundle. 

I hope this helps! 



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Hey, @scoresfilm!

Thank you for reaching out and thank you for the help @jam_chan and @PauloM!

I think that is a great promotion to do for Black Friday on your store! We have quite a few bundle apps that allow you to do this. I recommend: 

I also wanted to share a resource for Black Friday/Cyber Monday that can help you prepare with different tools, tactics and strategies. 

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Emily | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hello @scoresfilm @Emily,

If you are adding 10 pins as variants of the same product, you can use the MultiVariants - Bulk Order app, which allows you to limit the number of variants to choose from. You can restrict customers to choose up to 3 pins from a list (variants) by enabling the minimum/maximum number of variants as well as limiting the quantity per variant or total quantity in combination with multiple variants.


You can take a look at this demo product with the minimum/maximum number of variants restrictions.

Restrict customers to choose up to 12 variantsRestrict customers to choose up to 12 variants


Jahangir | EFOLI
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