App that Allows One Customer to Order on Behalf of Another

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My Shopify PLUS site is a B2B ecomm site in the craft beer industry. My customers are beer wholesalers as well as sales reps employed by by company.


In the beer industry it is standard for wholesalers to get a 50% discount (we call it a co-op) for tap handles, displays, etc.

I have set up all of our wholesalers with a 'discount by customer/product tag' script which automatically gets them the 50% discount on the appropriate items.


However, sometimes our own sales people will order on behalf of our wholesalers. Is there any app that a certain set of customers can order on behalf of another customer, which would apply their discount code?



  • Matt from Wholesaler 1 gets a 50% discount off his order at checkout 
  • Casey from our brewery can: 
    • Order on his own budget and get charged the full price
    • Order on behalf of Matt from Wholesalers 1. Matt from Wholesaler 1 gets a 50% discount off his order at checkout 


Is there something like this? I've used Magento in the past, and they called Casey's role a Super Buyer. 

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I've seen stores using wholesale apps that allow you to set the pricing based on a tagged customer. I think that would work in your case, you would just tag Casey the same as you have for Matt.

I've used a couple wholesale apps I remember Wholesale Helper being quite helpful with this app:

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I'm looking for a similar solution (the Super Buyer) - but without any financial transaction. My client is building a product sample store, where customers can order samples of building products. The product samples are free - no cost to the end-customer. They wish to give sales reps the ability to order on behalf of the end-customer. However, the do not wish the end-customer to be bound to the rep for follow-up or subsequent orders. Is this possible?