App that allows others (third parties) to get access to a Shopify stores's sales

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Hi there, could someone think of a solution for this? 

We're looking for an app that allows others (third parties) to get access to a Shopify stores's sales that are generated with unique discount codes. 

We're a discount code platform for employees. Around 70 brands are listed on our platform where they offer unique discount codes (each brand provides around 200 discount codes) to our network of employees. Most of our brands online shops are running on Shopify. And we would like to be able to track each sales that was made in one of their stores that was processed with one of the 200 discount codes shared with us before. Is there any app (affiliate or similar) that can do this? 

Thanks in advance and best, Jasper


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Hello Jasper - I can see there might be two options

1. Convince Store Owners to notify you every time a code is used via email or some other mechanism

2. Connect to their store via the API. Getting orders data requires the Store owner's permission. You will need to access their orders data to determine if the code was used in the order.

If the stores are willing to give you permission you can write automation to aggregate this data and post it on your platform.  

Take a look at our platform to see if this flow is possible or reach out to us at - maybe we can help you create a workflow that can aggregate data from other stores if they did allow you to read orders data and post them to your platform or in GoogleSheet /Airtable etc.